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Proserpine anyone?
2012-01-19 14:15:09

As a visitor here on proserpine.de you perhaps asked yourself what/who Proserpine is. Actually it is a painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. In Australia there is a city called Proserpine.
Proserpina (or the latin spelling Proserpine) is the roman goddess of the underworld.

I have chosen this nickname one decade ago because I simply liked the word Proserpine. And of course I liked that goddess-stuff - well I was young! ;)
Now maaany years later I am not into that goddess-thingie anymore, but there is still this domain and I like to continue with it, since I still like the word.
In the past I have presented some Photoshop-stuff and some more music-related topics. Some visitors might remember the Band Of The Month or my CD-list, which wasn´t updated 6 years or so.
Of course I still do some Photoshop and I still listen to metal music, but with this website I´d like to focus on photography, which became a very dear hobby to me in the last years.
You might see it as a “personal website”, so keep in mind that Proserpine is just the monicker I´ve used in the past. But I am not that Proserpine anymore - and that´s just fine.

Have fun with my pictures and all the stuff that might come in near future! ;)


Proser... eehem... Rebecca

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